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Bay Of Life

A theory says that, If we compare our life on Earth, it is a very short period compared to the time scale of the Universe, so as per an assumption, our life could be a part of a temporary period converging the factor of life and death in the universe. While we consider death as the final point of our life, it’s importance towards understanding the true meaning of human existence and it’s the reason why it is said that facing death gives life meaning. That’s what we see in Nagesh Kukunoor’s directorial ‘Aashayein’ where the protagonist Rahul (John Abraham) is seen receiving life lessons towards the end of his life, though the film lacks at some points but it really has some beautiful moments that conveys the realism of a person heading towards the end of his life.After the 80s Bollywood has been failing to provide quality as it was the time where we saw a rise in Mainstream Cinema and the decline of Artistic Cinema. This film reminds me of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s classic Anand which is still fresh in our minds.Coming back to Aashayein, one of the most heartfelt scenes from the film is where an old patient asks the hospice trainee Madhu (Jia Mustafa) to remove her oxygen mask and she’s compelled to do so when the old lady says “Look into my eyes” and when the mask is removed, we see a smile which defines her need for freedom from life which is nothing less than a mere struggle.Highlighting the most mysterious aspects of the universe, Life and Death many mythological stories say that Birth is the most saddest point of human life while Death is the true gift of our existence. Well, these topics will be debated forever.Do Watch 📺 Aashayein, available on YouTube. .

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Craze of Bollywood

In India, most of the people are either obsessed with Cricket or with Bollywood or many times with both of it. Movies and Cricket goes hand in hand and more than that, the craze and obsession with the stars involved in both these fields is much more than anything. Indian Fans love their favourite stars and just to get a single glance of them, they can wait for no matter how much long.

I remember the times when I used to visit my native place during childhood and wherein there were small workplaces, the walls their used to be filled with a lot of Hindi movie stars and Hindi songs playing on Radio. Though now we have evolved into the digital era, yet the love for Bollywood is still the same and many people have these movie stars placed in their hearts.

Priyadarshan has been one of the few directors in Bollywood who actually know the perfect recipe of a comedy movie and when a movie of such genre explores such a topic which everyone can relate to, it is a great achievement for cinema. A lot of people come to the city of dreams so that they can have a glance atleast of their favourite stars, I don’t need to name any star here, we are well aware of that. In a country where movie stars are more influential than politicians, it is surely a great thing for the stars.

Apart from Billu, there are a variety of movies which explores this Bollywood Obsession of India, for instance Anurag Kashyap’s story in Bombay Talkies or Farhan Akhtar’s Luck By Chance. The Obsession of Bollywood is for real and we admit it we’ll not stop loving it, for now it just needs a few changes for sure.

Billu| Dir: Priyadarshan|

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First Rain × First Love

Ever wondered about the eagerness of a farmer just before the monsoons, after softening the land (ploughing), he only desires for rain. That desire and longing is beyond everything. The time between the arrival of the Monsoon has the true essence of a need. But as it arrives and progresses further, that desire tends to become more weak. The desire of having someone as a loved one is similar to that.

The gap between the first talk and then conveying your love to someone is nothing but a scent of pure love. And as time passes, it becomes weak but it depends on the way we perceive it, if you are the one for whom everyday is a new one, then it is easy for you to get away from bad aspects and focus on the good.

Ritesh Batra’s Photograph is a simple portrayal of our lives in metro cities. Story of the parallels Miloni (Sanya Malhotra) and Rafi (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), showing each of these two character’s deep life story and true portrayal of their unnamed bond. Director Batra paints it like a canvas which shows the true essence of love and longing for someone. Miloni, here is a beautiful character I loved, she is a person of few words. There’s a lot of thing she wants to say but everything is stored within her thoughts.

When I was watching the film in theatres, at first I felt it was slow but as it paces further the beauty of this story comes out. The one thing I love about Ritesh Batra, is the way he creates the chemistry between his characters be it in Lunchbox or in Photograph.

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“Thoughts, Actions & Loneliness”

What we think and what we say, there’s a lot of difference between both these points. But having your own opinion atleast is the most important thing. Though our opinions can be wrong many times, it’s better to speak up your mind. Growing up in the society, there are times when your opinions or thoughts can differ from others and you may hear “That’s not true” which gradually makes you give up your opinions and restricts you from speaking your mind i.e expressing your thoughts.

Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s 1987 film Anantaram (Monolgue) is the best I have seen which analyzes the human behavior with true justice. We see the protagonist’s story from his point of view, Ajayan has been lonely since his birth, his story just haunts me and seems so relatable in today’s world where we all at some point are left alone and when the loneliness takes over, nothing’s more haunting than it.

Ajayan is adopted by a kind man who is introduced as Doctor Uncle, since his childhood he has been good in sports and studies, but being a winner always becomes a major problem in his life, no one wants to befriend him. Later post few years, in his teenage he falls for his brother’s wife, leading to more chaos in his life. I loved the way Adoor Gopalakrishnan has directed this film from Ajayan’s perspective, the slow pace of this movie makes it more disturbing.

The way human psychology has been captured in this film, is beyond expectations. Different stories have been narrated by Ajayan, which can mean and have some connection with his life which he never says, but it’s definitely his loneliness that is being highlighted everywhere.

The story at the end remains incomplete though it is meant to be. And Ajayan says, “This is my story, there might be many things which I might have missed.” Do Watch Anantaram (Monolgue), Available on YouTube with English Subtitles.

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(Image Credits: Twitter)

After the final verdict regarding the Ayodhya Dispute on 9th November 2019, the whole of India was relieved as said by our news channels though personally we knew it didn’t affect our personal lives at all. But we were actually happy that now the ruling party has solved this big issue of the nation that has been prevailing for so long and now they can spare some time for other problems such as unemployment, economical crisis, health issues, education facilities, etc.

But all the issues highlighted above won’t be beneficial as you need to think from the point of view of the next elections. There’s no ideology left with you now which can let you win the elections easily. So you need to introduce something new asap.And just, post one month of the Ayodhya Verdict i.e on 11 December 2019, the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 was passed by the Parliament of India. It amended the Citizenship Act, 1955 and aims to provide citizenship for Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian religious minorities that had fled persecution from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan before December 2014. Muslims were excluded from this eligibility.

What is CAB?

Refugees entering India before December 31, 2014 from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan belonging to 6 non Muslim religions will be eligible to get the Indian Citizenship.

What is NRC?

NRC will be a procedure wherein people who are under the suspect of being illegal immigrants will have to prove their citizenship by showing documents.

Now, Understanding the Actual Chronology:

Firstly, CAB will be implemented which aims at providing Indian Citizenship to all other persecuted minorities except the Muslims. Then NRC will be enabled all across India and people will have to produce the documents that will prove their citizenship. NRC will act as a filtration process here, the non-muslim people who are unable to show documents will remain safe under the CAB and the Muslims who fail to prove their citizenship will no longer be a part of India which will indirectly lead to the death of secularism and democracy in India.Further they will be sent to Detention Camps which will again adversely affect the Indian Economy.

Why it is clearly a Political Agenda?

In India, supreme power is under the hands of Constitution which defines India as a secular nation. According to which we can’t be bias on basis of religions. But clearly CAA-NRC is against the ideologies of Indian Constitution. NRC which took place in Assam for 10 years long had an investment worth Rs. 1,220 CR.According to 2011 Census, Illegal Immigration all across India excluding Assam has just been recommended to be 0.5% and hence implementing CAA-NRC all over India clearly signifies a big political agenda.

(With a few inputs from Wikipedia & First Post)

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“Nature of Rejection”

Days of Being Wild (1990)| Chinese| Director: Wong Kar-wai|

Human behaviour is a mirrored reaction to the past events. Movies with non-linear plots are confusing to the next level but it is as close as it gets to being surreal.

Wong Kar-wai’s Days of Being Wild essays the story of a man and his unsuccessful relationships with four womens including two love interests and two maternal figures.

Yuddy, being rejected by his own biological mother stays with his adoptive mother but being rejected is what mirrors further in his romantic relationships. Nature of Rejection being one of the important themes of this movie.

He considers himself as a bird who keeps flying all the time but can land only once and that will be the end of his life but is that real or just a myth?

Do Watch 📺 Days of Being Wild

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“Different Metros but the Constant Problem”

Metro Manila (2013) & CityLights (2014)| Dir: Sean Ellis and Hansal Mehta|

Evolving metro cities, a minute part of Globalisation and Development. But the pros and cons varies from person to person or family to family.

Hunting for a better lifestyle and in search for a better future for their family, many people migrate to metro cities but within no time they found themselves lost in the city which has withdrawn the peace within it.

Standing with and through it, not an easy job to do. But it’s too late to return back and you just need to go with the stream flowing in a direction which has no end.

These two films are portraying the hardships and struggles of a family trying to survive in the metro cities.

Heart-Wrenching stories where the problem is constant.

Do Watch 📺 Metro Manila or CityLights.